Business Process Management

Bigframe helps you get most out of your business through BPM. As a result, Client et several benefits as listed below.

  • Business Agility – Any company that focuses on constant improvement develops a culture of innovation. Your employees will be used to change, so whenever you’ll want to make some drastic changes to company strategy, you’ll be able to do it without much hassle or panic.
  • Customer Satisfaction – If all your processes are efficient as they can be, you’re going to end up having a better product or service overall. You could, for example, make it cheaper because your processes cost less. This, of course, makes your customers happier.
  • Employee Morale – Employees like to feel engaged. If you use their feedback to improve your processes (and reward them for it), they’ll be much happier with their job.


  • Mobile: Management/operation, and monitoring of business processes via mobile devices
  • Social: Social process features and integration, such as Questions and Answers, Comments, Process Wall, etc.
  • Cloud: A business process platform that is deployed over the cloud. Companies are opting for cloud options more and more frequently as it improves time-to-solution with low infrastructure costs.
  • On-premises: A solution that is deployed on premises.