Cloud Enablement Services

Cloud has become the answer for most of our clients. The needs addressed are many, including faster time to market, better customer experience, improved agility and scalability, optimized cost models and ways of identifying new revenue streams. Embarking on this journey now could not be more important. Cloud enables new and flexible operating models and the agility to compete in a dynamic global world.

Key Features

  • End-to-end service, right from infrastructure platform to business processes
  • Amplify the DevOps investment by leveraging LTI’s DevOps assessment framework
  • Consumption Economics – Applications configured optimally, with optimized subscription of cloud service
  • Largest SAP platform transformation to cloud in Europe

Business Benefits

  • Cost reduction, while increasing the agility, and significant improvement of the capacity with DR Service
  • Increased focus on value-adding features, rather than running over manual processes, with the DevOps Service
  • Ease in integrating, consolidating, and delivering services & applications, whenever and wherever required, with the Workspace Service
  • Increased productivity, with simplified collaboration and communication among employees
  • Ability to rapidly scale up or down, depending on new business factors