Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility is an approach to work in which employees can do their jobs from anywhere using a variety of devices and applications.

What type of EMM system works best for any one company depends on the specifics of that company’s mobile needs; what works for one enterprise might be inadequate for others. Some may want to lock down employee devices completely, allow them to be wiped if the device goes missing. Others may focus on securing specific apps. Still others may concentrate on data alone. And many companies now see EMM tools and services as a way of enabling their workers to do more while being mobile.

10 Specific Benefits of Instituting Enterprise Mobility through Bigframe :


  1. Portability – Extend digital communication and capability to all employees, leading to engagement
  2. Availability – Increase productivity and deliver critical operational information in real time
  3. Sharing – Enhance customer service and encourage knowledge transfer and learning
  4. Access data in context – Access critical knowledge to provide better customer service and enhance productivity
  5. Capture data in real time – Access business intelligence in real time and achieve better productivity through process involvement
  6. Improved user experience – Better engagement and higher adoption among your workforce
  7. Personal ownership of devices – Reduce costs and increase adoption and engagement
  8. System independence – Gain process efficiency and reduce costs
  9. Geolocation – Improve the process and enhance productivity
  10. In-built camera – Scan data and record video and photos for knowledge sharing for improved processes and enhanced productivity