IT Administration Services

In today’s global market a wide variety of IT solutions is needed to keep a leading position. Company’s IT landscapes are increasing in complexity and trending towards a costly activity. Executives need to deploy a wide variety of applications, servers, databases, libraries and system to stay competitive and meet companies and end user’s requirements. Because of the increasing numbers of users, components and complexity of system, IT is more important than ever before. Executives are facing difficulties with controlling IT cost without taking new risks, loosing on quality or company’s and end user’s requirements. This leaves executives with the challenge to address those difficulties without changing the company’s labor arbitrage and neglecting regulatory and compliance rules. BigFrame Solutions is specialized in addressing such IT challenges. Our experience and expertise enables us to provide a wide variety of on-site and off-site IT administration and support services. Our service helps companies to reveal, diagnose, foresee and resolves IT and software problems without losing IT capacity and changing labor arbitrage.


IT administration services from a business perspective:
BigFrame Solutions provides you with the knowledge to optimize your IT activities, reduce complexity, cost and increase flexibility and revenue. From a business perspective, BigFrame Solutions addresses IT administration challenges such as: IT Architecture, Database Architecture and registration, performance tuning, application development, interface development, implementation and customizations of Oracle databases and applications. Our experience in those fields enables us to deliver our services to your company’s specific needs and requirements against a competitive price. BigFrame Solutions audits your data warehouse in real-time and delivers the intelligence to streamline your IT landscape. This enables you to analyze your data and transfer it into intelligence to achieve better results enterprise wide. With our support you will be enabled to continuously improve your business processes, measurements, analysis and reporting and service practices. In addition BigFrame Solutions helps you to develop and implement the applications needed to fulfill current and future software requirements. With BigFrame Solutions you will be able to make smart business decisions and address all you IT administration challenges without worries and investing on additional staff.